Drum Pumps

Techniflo has an entire range of drum pumps for the Australian and New Zealand markets. These are portable as they are extremely lightweight, but powerful, designed to transfer liquids of thin to low viscosity, which are neutral to corrosive.

  • Comes in either plastic or metallic versions
  • Lightweight/safe
  • Can be used with either AC (240V) or DC (12V or 24V)
  • Flow rates of up to 200 L/min
  • Obtainable as pneumatic, electric, or manually operated models
  • Wide range in stock
  • Can be purchased with a range of accessories, including dispensing nozzles, flow-meters, etc.

The Techniflo drum pumps can be permanently installed, or, because of their lightweight nature,  can be used portably. Again due to their design, these pumps are ideal for intermittent operation. Due to their modern, yet basic design principles, these pumps are reliable and dependable. These drum pumps feature a unique modular design. Every motor unit has the ability to be combined with every pump tube, whether electric, pneumatic, or manual. To pump highly viscous fluids, an eccentric screw pump is also part of this range, allowing fluids of up to 100,000 cps to be pumped.

Techniflo drum pumps are manufactured from various modern materials, including polypropylene, PVDF, 316stainless steel, and aluminium. Electric (240V AC) or pneumatic motors can be fitted to suit most applications.

200 L Barrel pumps

These pumps feature a pump tube that is 1m long resulting in your ability to fully empty the barrel.

IBC Pumps

Tubes for this size container are 1.2m long to empty out the “Intermediate Bulk Container”.

44 Gallon Drum pumps

Also available with 1m long pump tubes to allow you to completely remove contents of the drum

Techniflo drum pumps are stocked locally, ready for immediate delivery to any part of Australia or New Zealand. They go be a variety of names including: electric drum pumps, barrel pumps, container pumps, decanting pumps, IBC pumps, 44 gallon drum pumps, 200L pumps and 200 Litre barrel pumps.

The large range of pump sizes, material, and pump tubes, makes these pumps useful in a wide variety of applications pumping acids and other chemicals.