Magnetic Drive Pumps

Techniflo magnetic drive pumps can be used with caustic, dangerous chemicals due to their leak free design. These centrifugal pumps can even be used to pump liquids with a high solid content.

  • Parts in contact with process liquid are non-metallic
  • Seal less design
  • Design and construction means that these pumps can process contaminated liquids
  • Long or close coupled pumps
  • Flow rate to 300m/hr and heads to 100m
  • Pressure to 20.6 Bar
  • Withstand temperatures to 120°C
  • Built-in dry run prevention
  • All 50 pump sizes stocked locally within Australia
  • Low cost

Acid Pumps

Techniflo magnetic drive pumps have only non-metallic parts (i.e. non-corrosive) in contact with the process liquid. Additionally they don’t have any mechanical seals or packed glands. This results in a pump in which the power is transferred via powerful synchronous magnets and the pump’s drive components are completely separate from the pump liquid. This is known as magnetic coupling.

All parts in contact with the pump liquid are manufactured with either plastic or ceramic giving rise to highly corrosive resistant pumps. These non-metallic parts give the pump its corrosive resistance, while the fact that they are seal-less gives them their leak-free property.

Techniflo has been making these types of pumps for more than 20 years, refining the design and manufacturing to give you the most advanced and state-of-the-art pumps today. Every unit is individually tested to verify operational specifications through a series of quality control tests. These pumps will give years of service under any condition, due to the exceptional quality or their manufacturing, and the reliability demanded by Techniflo.

No matter what you pump, whether it’s corrosive, explosive, toxic or just hazardous, you can have confidence in the Techniflo pump’s ability to cope with these difficult jobs.

Listed below are a few of the features from which you will benefit if you decide on a Techniflo pump:

  • Low cost of ownership. Economic price plus low operation cost equals low total cost of ownership.
  • Exceptional quality and ease of maintenance. This results in increased production due to low amount of downtime for service
  • Health and safety benefits to the operator and the environment through Techniflo’s protective design elements, resulting in zero emissions.